Odd Nerdrum, Crime and Refuge

Cover Image: Dawn (detail)
When we began to study our father’s work from the 1069’s and onwards, we discovered that the bulk of it was about refugees. Thus, We decided to make an exclusive selection of our father’s paintings.
In his eyes, escaped many things. The situation of escape is to be ostracized out of time, out of fashion. Out of the social life. In all… Out of the political contemporary. The problem with the fleeing man is that he does not always find his paradise. Despite this, he can gain freedom beyond time and place, that can transform one to a significant creative person.
It is typical for the man who has found this freedom to then be able to throw the contemporary off his back, and reveal something eternal. The sons of Odd Nerdrum.

Published by: N press, 2013
Artist: Odd Nerdrum
Written by: Hanne Nabintu Herland & Gregory David Roberts
Designed by: Öe & Bork S. Nerdrum
Printed by: One To Ones AS- 2013
Language: English
Binding: HardCover
Dimensions: 220 x 240mm
Pages: 456
ISBN: 9788299797818

600 kr