Nick Alm, The Book

This richly illustrated book is the first publication featuring a collection of works by Nick Alm. Swedish painter Nick Alm uses a captivating painterly touch to explore humanity´s inherent insufficiencies. The artist speaks about his paintings as investigations of the individual psyche, rather than any kind of sweeping social commentary. Alm persistently explores human emotions at a raw, personal level

Cover Image: Bacchanal
Publishers: © Galleri Agardh & Tornvall, Arvinius and Orfeus
Artist: Nick Alm
Contributor(s): Odd Nerdrum, Jeffrey Carlson and Bengt Tornvall
Designer: Mansooreh Shahtalab
Printer: Printall AS, Tallinn, Estonia
Publication Date: 2016.09.20
Language: English
Binding: HardCover
Dimensions: 220 x 240mm
Pages: 120
ISBN: 97891981741-13

325 kr